Until death do us apart; Chapter 5

Soft breaths fan over Jonathan’s neck as he lets his fingertips wander over the skin of the beautiful creature in his arms. Or to say it in other words, Marina’s. He originally intended to ask her whether she would like to go for a walk, but his earlier encounter got him to change his mind. The world outside must have gone crazy, there is no other explanation. Everybody has gone mad and Jonathan and Marina are the only humans still able to think at this very point, this must be it.

Therefore making love to her, reminding himself that she is in fact very much alive – as confirmed by her occasional high pitched gasps – and reminding himself that she is his, nothing anyone could ever take away from him, seemed like a much more rational plan.

Grunting he tightens his grip around Marina, his sweaty palms slipping on her – also sweaty – naked skin.

J-Jonathan – “, her stuttering rips him out of his thoughts, all his motions stopping while he looks at her in surprise, “You’re hurting me.”

Her awkward smile builds a strong contrast to her words, confusing the male who – in fact – tightens his grip even more, wanting to assure himself that she truly is … is real. Can be hurt. As he did – and somewhat did not – expect, she reacts with a whimper, her hands pushing against his chest now in an attempt to getting him to stop. That he does immediately, his dark eyes mustering her, mustering the … blood running down her forehead?


Terror fills his chest as Jonathan violently begins to tremble, flinching away from the woman he loves as if she just burned him. “No. No, no, no, baby, what – fuck damn it”, a clump begins to form in his throat, his breath heavy while he forces himself to breathe past it. Hastily he tries to get up, his legs breaking away under him at first. But he does not mind that, almost even crawling his way to his jeans on the ground so he could take his phone and … call the ambulance, yes, right, the ambulance. His fingers betray him, struggling to dial the number he so desperately needs to reach.

Jonathan … “

This single word spoken so delicately again causes the man to flinch, tears welling up in his eyes, “Help’s on the way, darling, hold on. Hold on – Hello? I need an ambulance – my wife started bleeding, I need an ambulance, quick.”

His shoulders shake while he explains where he is and what’s the problem – or what he thinks to be the problem.

The ambulance doesn’t need to long to be there, after approximately ten minutes – to Jonathan it felt like much more – he hears the doorbell ring. “Help is here, baby”, he speaks, rubbing his runny nose while he forces himself to not let the tears be audible in his voice.

But he doesn’t get any reaction …

Quickly he gets up from the floor, intending to fetch something to cover himself up as he realises he can’t just open the door in his birthday suit, though he stops when he sees, that Marina doesn’t appear to be breathing.

Baby …?”

With his eyes wide open now, he starts walking, walking first, then running to get to the door. The way has never seemed longer to him before, causing him to question whether this might all just be a dream. Once he finally reaches the door, he just takes on the next best coat, already opening the door and turning towards his bedroom to lead the paramedics.

I don’t know what happened”, he begins, his voice almost breaking, “I just held her and then suddenly – God, she isn’t breathing.”

Again a little mental breakdown threatens to take over him when he and the three paramedics he let in finally are in the bedroom, it almost feels like he is starting to lose his mind when he looks at them and sees them do … nothing.

Fucking nothing.

Jonathan almost screams at this point, his voice barely anything but a broken screech, “Do something for God’s sake! Staring won’t bring her back to life!”

The answer he receives drains all the colour from the male’s cheeks, his eyes wild, searching their faces for another, no, a better response. “Sir … there is nobody here …”

Slowly he turns back into the direction of the bed, his lips parted slightly while his eyes seek for her. Her. His love, his wife. God damn it, his life.

But … nobody’s there. And with this, everything fades, the world turns black while Jonathan’s eyes flutter shut.

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