A lightly different kind of story

Seol: *She takes the mission paper and walks back to her old room, checking 
her closet and finding her old mission clothes.
She takes them on, opening her weapon cabinet and getting out some knifes, 
which she puts into two holsters in each of her boots and two holsters that 
she's got on each thigh.
She takes two extra guns, even though she has the one her father gave her 
in her stomach holster already, putting the two guns also into holsters on
her thighs.
As she always did, she puts her hair up with the knife-accessory that Luhan
gave her a long time ago, before also taking some of the poisonous needles.
Deciding that it wouldn't be the best idea to put poisonous needles into 
her bra, she takes a small kind of case that she also secured on her right 
thigh, putting them in there.
She checks how fast she can take the weapons, deciding that she's satisfied 
with the result.
Quietly she hums while taking on her mask, less because of safety reasons 
but more because she likes it.
She checks all her stuff, guns, knifes, ropes, needles, before she takes 
her phone, putting it into her bra this time and looking into the mirror, 
checking herself.
She lightly tilts her head at the person she sees.
A strand of her black hair falls into her face prettily, while her blue 
eyes shine in her pale face, getting underlined by the black mask.
Her thin but curvy figure gets a beautiful accent by the clothes she's 
wearing, even though this is not what she was trying to do, while her 
muscular thighs somehow look even better with her tight pants and the 
She checks the location on the mission paper again, before walking outside 
with the paper in her hand, getting on her motorbike and putting the paper 
into her pocket, before she drives off.
She starts her motorbike.
Her first thought before she drives off is, if she perhaps should text 
Elise, Jin and Cheol, telling them that she loves them, but she waves the 
thought off with a grimy smile*
I'm not going to die today, get your asses prepared you suckers, because 
Kim Seolhyun is back.
*She drives off, quietly humming a song, less singing it loudly than just 
in her head*
{Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide~}
*She keeps humming, the wind, that whips at her, lightly messing up her 
hair, but not in bad ways and not in ways that'd stop her from driving as 
if the devil's behind her.
But oh well, isn't she the evil one here?
Her ride takes long but for her it feels like seconds, until she's reached 
the old warehouse.
She stops the motorbike, getting stared at by the two men that guard the 
way to it.
Out of a habit, and well, because it wouldn't work otherwise since this time
her enemies are smart enough to guard the way, she stops her motorbike 
there, probably twenty meters away.
She looks at the two men, the two men look at her.
The last thought that rushes through the first man's head before it lies on
the ground, his dead body a bit away from his head, is if she's perhaps 
some kind of Angel of death.
The eyes of the other man widen and he pulls his gun, but within seconds 
Seolhyun stands in front of him, provocatively kissing where the bullet 
would come out, before simply breaking his wrist, gagging his pitiful yell 
with her knife.
For a few seconds, perhaps it even is minutes, he lives on, staring at her 
with fearful, pained eyes, blood running out of his mouth in which Seol's 
knife is stuck, before he finally collapses
She picks up her knife which chopped off the first one's head and pulls her
second one out of the other's mouth, before continuing her way to the 
warehouse, repeating this one line in her head*
{Ready or not, here I come, You can't hide}
*She tilts her head and stops walking when she hears someone whispering to 
her right, as it seems hidden in the bushes*

Man3: Is this her? *His whisper sounds lightly fearful*

Man4: Yeah, this is her *His voice isn't that fearful, more almost overly 

Man3: I - I heard she has once killed a hundred people with her bare hands
 - *He fearfully eyes Seolhyun, wincing when she stands still but not being
able to see the grin that builds up in her face*

Man4: Pff, that's history, she has gotten weak, pathetic *He smiles at his 
partner and pulls his gun* Should I show you?

Man3: *His eyes widen in fear* D-Don't, she'll kill you- She is known to be 
the most cruel person under Elise and she - *He becomes silent*

Man4: And she..?

Man3: Is known to never be defeated *He whispers in awe*

Man4: Let's see then *He grins and carefully climbs out of the hiding place,
silently and without really making any noise approaching Seolhyun from 
Little does he know, that she heard it all and that she also hears him 
approaching her.
She patiently acts like she doesn't realize him, until he's close enough, 
holding his gun up at her*

Seol: Idiot *She laughs softly and does a smooth fly-kick, sending his gun 
flying into the woods and breaking his wrist*

Man4: Whore-! *He groans in pain and tries to attack her, but she lazily 
takes a step aside when he tries to run into her, watching him stumble and 
fall to the ground*

Seol: *She lazily but hardly puts a foot on his back, holding him down* Do 
you know why you're an idiot? *She smiles*

Man4: *He keeps struggling and groaning*

Man3: *He watches the scenario fearfully, not knowing what to do*

Seol: Because I'm Kim fucking Seolhyun and the rumours about me never being 
defeated are more true than that I fucked your mother.

And oh, by the way, your mother has got bigger balls than you 
*She winks at him. With one kick into his crotch and a knife into his head 
she sends him to hell*

Man3: *He widens his eyes even farther if this is even possible and draws 
his gun, pointing it at her*

*A trigger gets pulled ...*

Seol: *She quietly hums, watching the dead body of the man collapse to the 
ground* Idiot, I appreciate that you know me though *She grins and kicks 
the gun out of the corpse's hand, before continuing her way*
Four dead, forty-six left *She mumbles amusedly* God, I'm so in the mood 
for a bloodbath~
*She looks around quietly, enjoying the silence for a few seconds before 
she finally approaches the warehouse, immediately getting seen by the 

Man5: Hey! Stand still, don't come closer! *He draws his gun*

Man6: *He eyes her suspiciously but draws his gun too, when she doesn't 
stop walking*

Seol: *She calmly keeps walking up to them, amused by their gazes and 
raising her bloody hands, giving them an innocent look even though she 
herself is full of the blood of the men, who she just stabbed and shot down*

Man5: Don't move closer I said! *He clicks with his gun and gives a warning
shot into her direction*

Seol: *She pretends to wince and clasp her hands together over her head, 
but as soon as the men let their guns sink, she pulls a fog bomb and throws
it at them* Sike!

Man5&6: Fu-ck *They cough, the fog making it hard for them to see or to 

Seol: And that's why masks are cool *She smiles cheekily under her mask, 
approaching them, now silently, and not having a problem with grabbing them
by their hair, yanking their heads and hitting them against each other, 
ignoring their screams and smiling brightly when their skulls break* This 
is an even better training than weightlifting, y'know? *She keeps on, 
making sure that they're dead and pouting softly when she feels something 
splash on her* Ew, now I have your brain on my stomach *She kicks man5 away 
and lets man6 fall to the ground, walking to the door and opening it, 
knowing damn well that now everyone knows she's there
When she walks inside, she pulls her gun, the first shots get fired*









Seol: *The first targets are down*

*Ten more men come out of their hiding place, one approaches Seol from 
behind and harshly grabs her wrists, putting them behind her back*

Man11: No move, slut

Seol: But .. *She starts, playfully pouting when another man approaches her
from the front. She knocks him out with one smooth kick, man11 letting go 
of her with widened eyes. She pulls her gun and shoots the men down* I like 
to move it~ *She laughs at the bad pun and looks at the corpses, a bit 
bored* Twenty are down, thirty are left. God, this is too easy
*A small chuckle leaves her lips, when a guy takes her and slams her against
the wall, his fingers closing around her throat* Small- Side .. Info ... 
If .. You .. *Her words come out in small pieces because of his choking* 
want ... To ... Choke ... Someone ... Use ... The length of ... Your arm.. 
*She grins and stabs his chest, his grip loosening immediately* Or else 
this happens

Man21: *His body falls to the ground with a loud sound*

Man22: *He approaches Seolhyun, holding his fists up and trying to kick her*

Seol: *She laughs amusedly and ducks, in the moment in which his foot is 
over her she stands up, taking his ankle and throwing him over*

Man22: *His head meets the ground but he doesn't pass out, instead he 
struggles and kicks after her more*

Seol: *She sighs and shoots him*

Man23&24: *They draw their guns too*

Man24: On your knees

Seol: The last time someone said that, I got laid, - by my fiancé of course 
*She laughs before kicking the gun out of Man24's hand and shooting the 
other man, quickly breaking Man23's neck and smiling happily when he dies 
in her hands*
Twenty four men are dead~ Ah I should go back to using my hands, that's 
more fun *She giggles, the bloodlust taking over her. She walks around the 
corner, smiling cheekily at the twenty-fifth man she sees*

Man25: *He widens his eyes when he sees the bloody woman in front of him, 
his first reflex is to be a gentleman* Are you okay? *His eyes worriedly 
wander over her but widen, his gaze falling on his stomach which she cuts 
open in a fast movement, letting him see his organs*

Seol: More than okay *She smiles cheekily and pouts when the corpse 
collapses* Aww, I wanted to talk to you a little longer ..

Person26(A woman): Michael!! *She screams his name loudly and angrily 
glares at Seolhyun* You motherfucking whore! *She pulls her dagger and runs
up to Seol, but before she could hurt her, Seolhyun has stabbed her knife 
into her abdomen, cocking a brow*

Seol: I never saw a woman helping such a gang *She watches the woman's body
collapse right next to the man's* Damn, I think, I have pieces of a lung on
my feet *She pulls a face and walks farther, on her way another man crosses
her path.
She smiles cheekily at him*

Man27: Y-What- Who-?

Seol: *She shuts him up with taking his head and banging it against the 
wall* Your death, babyboy~ *She smiles and keeps going until his body falls
She looks at Man28, who came out of his room because he heard the noise. 
He looks at her with terrify, she looks back at him with an angelic smile*
Hi thar~ *She says with a surprisingly soft voice, her arm moving faster 
than he can see, when she throws her knife*
Boom! Jackpot!
*She internally high-fives herself, when the throw was so fluent that he's
now pinned against the wall through the knife in his throat*
Don't worry hun, it should only take you a few minutes to die~
*She sassily walks into the room out of which he came, looking at the ten 
men staring at her with widened eyes*
Do I look this good, or why are you eye-fucking me like this?
*She rolls her eyes when one of them stands up with a loud roar, running up 
to her with the goal to slam her against the wall, but ending up to walk 
into the wall and hitting his head hard enough to pass out, when she takes 
a step aside* Whoopdeefuckingdoo, that looked funny. Anyone recorded?
*She smiles cheekily, faking a soft pout shortly afterwards*
No? Then get your cameras out for this~!
*She takes the man by his hair and slams his head into the wall again, 
smiling when two other men finally gain their sanity and stand up to stop 
They run up to her, attempting to attack her but one ends up on his knees, 
whimpering when she kicked his crotch, the other one ends up on the floor, 
suffocating because of the foot with which she's standing on his throat.
She keeps on banging Man31's head against the wall until he's nothing more 
than a corpse, Man29 dying under her foot and Man30 attempting to stand up, 
but getting stopped when she throws Man29 at him*
What a party! *She giggles loudly.
Once Man30 is on the floor, she hardly kicks his head, seeing his body go 
She picks him up, seeing two others approach her and causing them to fall 
with throwing him at them, one of the men shoots their partner out of shock.
She laughs like a maniac, taking two of the knifes from the two dead men 
laying next to her feet, throwing them at the men who she just caused to 
fall and smiling cheekily, when once again her flawless throwing killed two

Man34: *He tries to approach her from the back, already having his gun 
pulled and he could have almost had her, if she didn't stumble backwards, 
getting back on her feet quickly and glaring him down*

Seol: Bad boy *She breaks his wrist in a swift movement, taking his gun and
shooting him with it.
In the next few seconds everything goes fast, yet it seems to happen in 









Seol: *It's a matter of seconds until she stands in the silent room, 
everybody dead except for her.*
Phew, that was easy
*She quickly checks how many bullets she has left, and decides that there 
are enough for the rest of the gang. In the end she still has poisonous 
needles and knifes.*
Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide! *She sings this time loudly, 
with the last word she shoots three other men that approach her down.
She counts quietly* 37 ... 38 ... 39 ... Those three ... Eight are left
*She adjusts everything, wiping a bit of brain off her top before starting
to make her way to the final room*
Okay then, the fun's about to end .. *She mumbles, before kicking down the 
Surprise motherfucker!
*She takes two of the needles, quickly throwing them at two men on each 
side of her, watching them gagging up white liquid before they collapse to
the ground, their eyes rolling back in their sockets*
*She draws two of her knifes, throwing one and pinning a man by his throat
against the wall, with the second knife she chops another guy's head off in
another swift movement*
*She draws her gun, shooting down three men who tried to stop her from 
getting through to the leader, smiling cheekily at the man, who the dead 
men just tried to defend*
You're the jackpot tonight, honey boy
*She still smiles brightly and innocently*


Seol: *She shoots his left leg*

Man50: *He screams and curses*


Seol: *She shoots his right leg*

Man50: *He curses louder and reaches for his gun*


Seol: *She shoots his right wrist*

Man50: *He widens his eyes, staring at her when he realizes, that he has no
chance to escape the death*


Seol: *She shoots his other wrist*

Man50: *He roars in pain* Just do it already!

Seol: *She smiles softly* See? You could have asked sooner~


Man50: *His body falls limp, when she shoots his head*

Seol: *She checks the count a last time, before turning around, picking her
knifes up and stealing some of the guns.
She walks back to the leader, checking his pockets and widening her eyes 
when she sees the knife he had* Woah, I've got to admit one thing man, 
you've got a great taste
*She pats his head, before turning around and leaving the warehouse, 
walking outside to get the corpses she left there, dragging them all into
the warehouse, before she takes her lighter*
Adiós amigos~
*She sets the warehouse on fire, turning around and not even minding the 
explosion behind herself, while getting on her motorbike and driving off, 
right after sending Elise the usual pictures:
A selfie of her, smiling cheekily and having her blue eyes shining in her 
face that's red from blood, while behind her all the corpses are stapled 
like a pyramid.
A picture of the burning warehouse, and a short message*

//Boss: Kim Seolhyun is back//

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